Mehdi Jahangiri stressed the need to advance Iran-Greece trade ties in a meeting with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Jahangiri said Iran and Greece have a strong history, cultural potential, and many tourist attractions.

Trade between Iran-Greece has reached less than 40 million dollars.

During a recent statement, the head of the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce highlighted the need for a significant boost in the economy of both countries. He pointed out that the trade between Iran and Greece has declined significantly over the past decade, with the two countries trading at less than $40 million annually despite having a capacity of $430 million. According to him, the private sector can be vital in promoting trade relations between the two countries. He stated that the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce has a comprehensive plan to increase exports and foster trade growth between the two nations. He believes that the strong delegation from Iran’s various economic sectors, currently present in Greece, will contribute to developing trade and economic ties between the two countries.

Mehdi Jahangiri’s significant objective is establishing an air route connecting Tehran and Athens.

During a recent discussion, Jahangiri emphasized the importance of establishing an air route between Tehran and Athens via the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce. He expressed

Mehdi jahangiri at Athens

 his hope that the Greek side would seriously consider this matter. Greece is a popular tourist destination, with over 30 million visitors annually. Meanwhile, Iran is globally recognized for its rich history, diverse culture, and year-round attractions. Jahangiri expressed his confidence that with the assistance of the ambassadors of Iran and Greece in Athens and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the process of institutionalizing and implementing the establishment of an air route between the two cities could be expedited.

Jahangiri: Establishing trade offices to strengthen trade relations

The head of the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce mentioned the importance of establishing trade offices in Tehran and Athens. This can be a great way to strengthen trade relations between the two countries. Additionally, inviting Greek business delegations to visit Iran and organizing trade tours can balance the presence of Iranian business delegations at the Athens Chamber of Commerce.

Mehdi Jahangiri, Head of the Chamber of Commerce, regrets the decline in Iran-Greece trade relations.

During a recent meeting, Jahangiri expressed regret over the decline in trade relations between Iran and Greece in recent decades. He highlighted that trade between the two countries had once reached over 400 million dollars but has now dwindled to less than 40 million dollars. He emphasized that this capacity can be increased and lies in the hands of the economic soldiers of their homeland. Jahangiri announced the readiness of Iranian business people to invest in Greece and invited the Greek side to invest in Iran. He mentioned that a sizeable Iranian business and economic delegation in Athens would be an excellent start for the two countries and would be followed by the support of the two governments.

Jahangiri concluded his speech by stating that they hope to create soon the conditions for establishing an air route between Tehran and Athens. Additionally, establishing an Iran trade office in Greece is one of the essential programs on the agenda of the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce.