The Yas Foundation under the supervision of Mehdi Jahangiri and supported by the Tourism Financial Group, particularly with the backing of the Tourism Bank and various companies within this financial group, was established in the year 2014 (1393 Solar Hijri). The primary aim of establishing this foundation has been to carry out activities with humanitarian objectives and to provide services to the underprivileged and vulnerable segments of society.

This charitable institution operates in the areas of social services, prevention, and rehabilitation, in accordance with the regulations and directives of Iran’s Welfare Organization, as per Article 2 of its charter. Among the activities of the Yas Charitable Foundation is the support of vulnerable social strata and NGOs covered by the Welfare Organization. This support includes financial and in-kind donations, provision of educational opportunities, vocational training, and other similar actions.

In the execution of its activities, the Yas Foundation meticulously follows the guidelines and regulations of the Welfare Organization under Mehdi Jahangiri’s supervision. Additionally, the foundation adheres to the laws of direct taxes, commercial law, labor law, and social security law. It also utilizes its charter, ethical charter, and accounting and auditing standards as fundamental guides in its operations to ensure that activities and services are provided transparently and responsibly.

The operational license for the Yas Charitable Foundation was granted through Clause 13 of Article 26 of the law regulating a portion of the government’s financial regulations. This license was issued based on the Welfare Organization’s regulations, emphasizing adherence to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the content of the charter approved by the national Welfare License Issuance Commission. In line with its humanitarian goals and commitment to serving the underprivileged and vulnerable populations, the Yas Charitable Foundation initiated a school construction project in 2014 under the slogan “100 Branches – 100 Schools” supported by the Tourism Bank.

This decision aimed primarily at standardizing and enhancing the quality of educational centers and schools in remote, deprived, and less advantaged areas of Iran. This project, known as “Alchemy of Knowledge,” officially began with the groundbreaking ceremony for three schools in Kerman province. The construction activities of the schools continued steadily, with each project transitioning from groundbreaking to inauguration within a year. To date, the foundation has successfully established and handed over 30 schools in the provinces of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Lorestan, and Qazvin, demonstrating its deep commitment to improving access to quality education in less developed areas of Iran.

The Rehabilitation Center for Mentally and Physically Disabled in Kerman, known as the Fiyaz Bakhsh Center, located in the heart of Kerman, a large and relatively populous city, was established in 1977 on a 10,000 square meter plot. This center serves as a symbol of efforts to provide care, protection, and treatment services to its beneficiaries. Currently operating under the Welfare Organization of Kerman Province, the center’s financial needs for staff and beneficiaries are directly supported by the Yas Charitable Foundation, overseen by the Tourism Financial Group. The Yas Foundation is responsible for carrying out charitable and philanthropic activities in many areas of Iran, especially in the provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan.

All employees of the Yas Charitable Foundation, who serve with sincerity and commitment, believe that every child with a physical or mental disability, according to Article 23 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified in 1989, should have access to a full and dignified life. This life should ensure dignity, increase self-esteem, and facilitate effective participation in society.

In the Fiyaz Bakhsh Center in Kerman, 91 beneficiaries of both genders, 41 caregiver mothers, doctors, psychologists, nurses, service and office staff, and cooks are engaged in providing services. The Yas Charitable Foundation is responsible for managing this rehabilitation center. Additionally, the Yas Foundation’s Rehabilitation Center in Jiroft, housed in a building with 15 rooms and a large playroom for children with physical and mental disabilities, is also managed by the foundation. These efforts demonstrate the Yas Foundation’s firm commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in society.

This leading center in the field of rehabilitation and care for individuals with physical and mental disabilities is equipped with a wide range of facilities and services to meet the diverse needs of its beneficiaries. Among these amenities are a medical room, a physiotherapy center, and a speech therapy center, designed to improve health conditions and enhance communicative abilities of the beneficiaries. Additionally, an orthopedic workshop has been established for further empowerment of the disabled, utilizing modern techniques and assistive devices to improve daily functioning. The center has also undertaken preventative measures by purchasing advanced imaging equipment to prevent limb amputation in diabetic patients.

The center regularly provides specialized medical services, including periodic examinations and prevention of lazy eye, pediatric internal examinations, and vision screening tests for beneficiaries. These services aim to ensure overall health and comprehensive rehabilitation of the beneficiaries.

The center is responsible for the care and protection of 90 beneficiaries with various degrees of physical and mental disabilities, ranging from infancy to 30 years of age. Many of these beneficiaries have found shelter in the center due to reasons such as anonymity, poor guardianship, and abandonment. Some, despite having families, have been brought to the center due to their parents’ inability to meet their special needs. The center’s staff continuously strive to provide appropriate care and rehabilitation services to improve the beneficiaries’ quality of life and prevent the exacerbation of pain and suffering resulting from physical and mental disabilities.

Moreover, with the support of the Tourism Bank, the largest vocational and technical empowerment complex in Kerman has been established. Built on a 6,000 square meter plot, the complex includes 20 specialized workshops, 12 of which are dedicated to skill training and 8 to production. The center aims to offer vocational training and employment opportunities to disabled individuals, assisting in their financial and social independence. These efforts indicate a serious determination to improve living standards and provide necessary facilities for empowering individuals with disabilities in society.

The establishment of a vocational empowerment complex in Kerman, as part of reputable and innovative charity projects, pursues a dual objective: the first goal is to provide vocational training to prisoners involved with drug-related offenses to facilitate their effective reintegration into society. The second goal is to strengthen the foundations of the prisoners’ families through the creation of sustainable employment opportunities. Collaboration with the Technical and Vocational Training Organization has encouraged and supported prisoners in acquiring specialized skills, resulting in the attainment of relevant professional certificates and employment. To date, a significant number of participants in these training courses have successfully entered the labor market, and plans indicate that approximately 5,000 more individuals will benefit from these employment opportunities.

Alongside these efforts, The Yas Foundation under the supervision of Mehdi Jahangiri and with the continuous support of the Tourism Financial Group and the Tourism Bank, organizes the “Kindness Backpack” campaign annually during the months of Shahrivar and Mehr (September and October). The campaign focuses on preparing and distributing essential educational items, clothing, stationery, and hygiene products to students in underprivileged areas of Iran. This initiative, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has played a significant role in supporting the education of students by distributing over a thousand backpacks in more than 50 cities and remote and peripheral rural areas.

Additionally, the Yas Charitable Foundation has established a unit aimed at facilitating easy marriages among young people and supporting their families. This unit provides essential dowry items, including refrigerators, carpets, stoves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and other necessary appliances, to 200 impoverished families identified through local investigations and the presentation of documentation. These efforts not only contribute to improving the living standards of these families but also include plans for the distribution of 100 more dowry sets.

Furthermore, the Yas Charitable Foundation has assisted in the release of over 100 involuntary prisoners, especially those imprisoned due to financial issues. These aids, partially provided as financial assistance to the prisoners’ families, play a crucial role in facilitating the return of these individuals to society and their families.