Mehdi Jahangiri

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Mehdi Jahangiri, Owner and Founder of TIT (Tourism IT)

Iran Tourism Information Technology Development company

Iran Tourism Information Technology Development Holding(TIT) , a part of tourism financial group owned by Mehdi Jahangiri, a specialized holding company in the fields of financial technology and information and communications technology, has expanded its activities through investment in leading companies in this field and the provision of innovative financial solutions, digital banking, open banking, value-added services, and investment. TourismIT’s activities have led to the advancement and improvement of the quality of the FinTech industry in Iran, in line with the latest global standards. Currently, private banks in the country, organizations, and large and medium-sized companies are using and benefiting from the solutions and capabilities of TourismIT Holding.

Iran Tourism Information Technology Development company (TIT)

Tourism IT mission is to create a TIT technological ecosystem consisting of subsidiaries and businesses, which is in constructive interaction with banks and financial institutions in the country, as well as leveraging the capacity of large and active players in the technology field.
Financial Technology
Upgrading the large fintech industry in Iran, on par with global advances
Information and Communication technology
Adoption of innovative solutions and technologies to achieve digital transformation
Value Added Services
Focusing on the value-added services sector as one of the pioneers in this field
Infrastructure And Network
Special attention to the infrastructure and network sector, elevating the special position of TIT Holding
In light of the advancements in technology worldwide and Iran's desire to benefit from the latest scientific achievements, the Tourism Financial Group, Tourism Bank, and Iran Tourism Information Technology Development Holding(TIT) must embrace technology and start-ups in current times. That made Tourism IT an excellent hand for all members of the Tourism Financial Group.

Mehdi jahangiri

Owner of Iran Tourism Information Technology Development company (TIT)

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