Mehdi Jahangiri Vice President’s Brother is head of the Tourism Maali Group and deputy head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s first deputy Ishaq Jahangiri’s brother Mehdi Jahangiri is also on the board of the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce and is also the founder of the private Gardeshgari Bank.

Who is Ishaq Jahangiri?

His father, Hassan Jahangiri, was a mineworker in Abdasht chromite mine in Esfandagh, but after his birth, he moved to Sirjan and lived there until his death in July 2009. He is one of the five brothers of the Jahangiri family, who, along with Mehdi Jahangiri, is more famous than the other brothers. One of his brothers, Muhammad, was killed in November 1959, in Sosangerd, during the Iran-Iraq war. His other brother Yaqub was killed in 63 and the Badr operation.  He served as the sixth first vice president from 2013 until 2021 in Hassan Rouhani’s government. Jahangiri was the minister of industries and mines from 1997 to 2005 under President Mohammad Khatami. Before that, he was the governor of Isfahan Province. He was also a member of Parliament for two terms.

Mehdi Jahangiri Vice President's Brother

Ishaq Cahangiri’s Brother activities?

Ishaq Jahangiri’s brother founded the Tourism Bank in Tehran in 2010. This commercial bank specializes in serving the tourism industry by providing a range of loans, credit facilities, and investment products, in addition to traditional banking services. The Tourism Bank is an official member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Tourism Bank, a subsidiary of Tourism Financial Group, was listed on Tehran Stock Exchange in 2011. The group is also involved in real estate development, oil and gas, petrochemicals, and mining.
Semga, also known as Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Company, is a subsidiary of Mehdi Jahangiri Vice President’s Brother management. The company was registered in July 2008 with a capital of 20 billion Tomans. In a short period of time, Semga has successfully created six large satellite companies.

Mehdi Jahangiri Vice President’s Brother other activities

Back in 2015, as the chairman of Aria Ziggurat, Jahangiri signed a deal with the renowned French hotel chain, Accor Hotels. This was the first agreement of its kind since Tehran had resolved its dispute over the nuclear program with world powers. Under this deal, the Novotel and Ibis brands were to be used for a period of 15 years. In 2017, Jahangiri became chairman of the newly established Iran-Greece joint chamber of commerce, which increased bilateral trade to €3 billion over three years.

Mehdi Jahangiri was recognized by President Rouhani as one of the top entrepreneurs of the year in September 2016. Previously, Jahangiri served as the director of Semega, Iran’s Cultural and Tourism Investment company, which was established in June 2009 with a capital of more than $5 million. Jahangiri has also held positions on the board of directors at the Bonab Steel Industry Complex, Iran’s Handball Federation, Negin Gardeshgari Tourism Company, and Mahan Mines and Industry Development Holding.