Mehdi Jahangiri

  • Banker
  • Economist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Tourism Bank
  • Tourism Financial Group

Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism investment group

“SEMEGA”, as the first specialized holding company of Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism investment group, is a member of the World Tourism Organization, a specialized parent company and the executive arm of the tourism financial group founded by Mehdi Jahangiri in the field of tourism and hospitality. This company created and registered the brands Rexan (5-star hotels), Remis (4-star hotels), and Karvanica (first-class boutique hotels) and registered them in and abroad to solve the problems and fill the gaps in the supply chains of the hotel industry and has provided a very coherent structure for the management and operation of accommodation centers as the owner of these brands. Currently, SEMEGA co is the largest hotel chain in the country with 1000 rooms that can be accommodated throughout the country. This company was admitted to the stock exchange market in April 2019 with the stock symbol “SEMEGA”.

Human Recourses
More than 600 direct employee
Direct and undirect employment
more than 1200 persons
Sub companies
11 companies
Running Projects
10 mega projects

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