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Private Banking

Tourism Bnak

Tourism Bank is one of the private banks in the banking network of Iran, which was established based on the act of the third economic, social, and cultural development program of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2009 by Mehdi Jahangiri. This bank also pays special attention to financing the infrastructure and national projects to increase the economic productive power and improve the business environment and production in addition to complying with monetary and financial laws and regulations
continuously improving the chain of services and products and maximizing the long-term and sustainable interests of the shareholders, and pave the path of economic growth and sustainable development by supporting the economy of resistance projects in the deprived areas of the country. This bank is among the top banks by listing and offering its shares with the stock symbol “ وگردش ” in the stock market and among the leading top ten companies in the ranking of the top 100 companies of the country in 2022.

Tourism Bank

List of companies

Tourism exchange services company

This company carries out all exchange activities based on the instructions of the Central Bank, including cash purchase and sale of foreign currencies, carrying out operations related to foreign currency remittances through credit institutions, providing foreign exchange services through brokers within the framework of foreign exchange laws and regulations, and purchase and sale gold coins minted by the central bank.

Tourism leasing company

Tourism Leasing Company is one of the pioneers of the leasing industry in private sector and among the first leasing companies in the country which managed to obtain an official operating license from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Providing financial support to the customer through the provision of both movable and immovable goods by the leasing company and handing them over to the customer in the form of a lease agreement under the condition of acquisition and sale in installments is the main activity of the leasing company, according to the charter approved by the central bank. This year, the company will be focused on the development of the online service platform and the expansion of the range of services provided to customers.

Tourism official insurance brokerage company

Among the activities of this company are providing consultation on insurance services and providing rates and conditions required for applicants, completing and counseling on the insurance proposal form and signing on behalf of applicants for insurance services, following up on damage files and estimating damage, providing services for suitable insurance coverage for assets of applicants and issuing addendum and filing cases for insurance services applicants to claim damages. It should be noted that, despite the fact that the tourism insurance brokerage company is not considered an independent insurance company, it is among the top ten companies in the country’s insurance industry in terms of portfolio size under management (around 4000 billion rials).

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